:moveki Bett nominiert für den Green Product Award 2023

:moveki bed nominated for the Green Product Award 2023

applied for the 10th anniversary edition of the Green Product Award 1362 Participants from 40 countries. After the examination under the aspects of design, innovation and sustainability, the best submissions were nominated. :moveki is one of the nominees in the Interior & Lifestyle category. 

About our submission: Modular for maximum flexibility. :moveki beds are sustainable design beds that can be easily assembled, disassembled and extended. The idea goes back to an old click system of dowry beds. The bed is made of birch multiplex and linoleum. The bed height is suitable for juniors to seniors. Flexibility means the size can be changed thanks to the metal-free plug-in system. By exchanging bed modules, sizes and colors can be changed. This leads to the longevity of use of the bed, thus conserving resources. modular lifetime furniture.

":moveki" is a good example of the level of quality and passion with which our nominees contribute to a more sustainable future." Nils Bader, director of the Green Product Award

Until 22.01. the online public vote will take place, in which we are also represented: 


We would appreciate your support in the form of a note to give us a reason to celebrate at the awards ceremony in March. 

About :moveki

:moveki brings more flexibility through modularity and thus freedom in the design of the room. All products have a systemic approach and are modular.

Our furniture accompanies you throughout your life and adapts to your life situation. Minimalist design with maximum functionality, easy to set up and take down, can be expanded or reduced at any time.

In addition to materiality and production, sustainability means for us - longevity!

The beds are metal-free, made from natural materials (birch multiplex with linoleum) and are made regionally.


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