We start production.

Our shelf will be available in 4 sizes at launch

The shelves can now be ordered at the introductory price in the online shop.

2x2 Two posts Two floors w 128.4cm d 35.5cm h 105.6cm RRP € 799,--

3x2 Three posts Two floors w 192.6cm d 35.5cm h 105.6cm RRP € 1,099.00

3x3 Three Posts Three Shelves w 192,6cm d 35,5cm h 141,4cm RRP € 1,499.00

3x5 Three posts Five floors w 192.6cm d 35.5cm h 213 cm RRP € 2,249.00 -

Further sizes ( 3x4; 4x3; 4x4; 4x5; 4x6 and 5x5 ) will follow at a later date

To launch we are offering the following colors:

4023 black
4184 olive
4179 smokey blue
4185 powder
4176 mushroom

4177 vapor

Our EASY shelf is made of birch multiplex and coated on both sides with high-quality Forbo Furniture linoleum.

The EASY shelf is produced in Germany on the Swabian Alb.

Our EASY shelf can be assembled and disassembled without tools. Our Easy shelf can be placed freely in the room (room divider) or attached to a wall,

We look forward to having lots of shelves in your living room, dining room or office.

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