:moveki BED

Birch plywood and linoleum bed.

How do you combine the best features of different bed ideas to create the best possible bed and sleeping experience?

Alcove design for a cozy sleep. -> You feel safe when you can really snuggle up

The basic principle of our ideas is the modularity of our products -> Our bed adapts to your current life situation, it can be adjusted in size at any time.

Our bed height including the bed system we recommend is at least 56 cm -> comfortable access is therefore ensured in all situations.

Sustainable light and timeless design -> Our bed is stable and still light in space. The S-shape gives the bed a lightness while it appears to be floating. Our beds are metal-free, exemplifying high craftsmanship and supports a healthy sleep.

Design down to the last detail -> our bed not only looks particularly beautiful, the interior and functionality are also perfect down to the smallest detail. The bed can be assembled and disassembled in a very short time without the use of any tools.

Regional production in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg -> regionality and sustainability are particularly important to us. Our furniture is handmade and consists of natural materials from European cultivation and production.

Our recommended bed system made of natural latex mattress and 3-piece plate slatted frame made of pine perfectly complements the philosophy of a durable and sustainable product. -> Only the best sleeping comfort guarantees a healthy and beneficial sleep