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Natural latex mattress RELAX Silverness 14cm firm

Together with the slatted frame made of stone pine, this mattress offers optimal sleeping comfort. Latex foam is a material made up of millions of microscopically small cells which, thanks to their special open cell structure, allow a continuous flow of air through the spaces between the cells. This means that a mattress made of natural latex is constantly aerated by the movement of the sleeper lying on it. The unsurpassed elasticity of natural latex adapts perfectly to the human body's natural sleeping movements. The spine is always in the correct position, so it can relax optimally and is not restricted. The even distribution of pressure on the natural latex supports good blood circulation and avoids pain. advantages

  • excellent air exchange and moisture transport
  • permanently perfect body adaptation
  • full elasticity of the mattress for 10 years and more
  • Optimal degree of hardness for your needs - sinking in deeply and lying too hard and resulting sleep problems and heavy sweating are thus prevented.


The QUL certificate confirms that Relax latex products are made from 100% natural latex

do not contain pentachlorophenol (PCP).

are free of harmful heavy metals

are free of nitrosamines

are free of pesticides


80 x 200 w 80cm x l 200cm x h 14cm weight 19kg

90 x 200 w 90cm x l 200cm x h 14cm weight 21kg

100 x 200 w 100cm x l 200cm x h 14cm weight 24kg

80 x 220 w 80cm x l 220cm x h 14cm weight 21kg

90 x 220 w 90cm x l 220cm x h 14cm weight 24kg

100 x 220 w 100cm x l 220cm x h 14cm weight 27kg


For beds 160 / 180 / 200 you can use two latex mattresses 80 / 90 / 100. This makes it easier to transport your mattress. Natural latex mattresses can be rolled up, so you don't need as much space for taran sports.


If you want a continuous mattress, choose our NATURAL LATEX MATTRESS 140 / 160 / 180 / 200


In addition to the sleep system, the right mattress is one of the most important components if you want to sleep particularly well. The height of the mattress, the type of core or the degree of firmness must be taken into account in order to optimally protect your spine.

The individual spring elements of the Relax 2000 bed system adjust to the shape of the body. Since more plates are simply used for larger bodies, the sleeping system offers similar comfort as for people with a lower body weight.


SILVERNESS mattress cover with antibacterial silver finish. The fiber is environmentally friendly and meets all the requirements of Öko-Tex100 . The cover is wave-quilted with 400 g/m² Tencel and is therefore very point-elastic.

Textile care:

Washable at 60°C, easy to care for

Dry cleaning

do not iron

do not tumble dry

Do not bleach


100% natural latex

Natural latex offers the optimal conditions for you to sleep naturally and ergonomically.

Natural latex is the sap of the tropical rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) and consists of rubber particles and water. Only natural latex from controlled plantations that meet the strictest quality standards is used.

Natural latex products are both resistant to mold and fungus and hypoallergenic.

Natural latex is resistant to house dust mites


DELIVERY TIME: 2-3 weeks

Mattresses up to 100 cm wide are shipped by parcel service. The mattresses from 140cm are delivered by courier.

Our mattresses will be shipped free of charge until June 30th, 2022

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