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Relax 2000 rigid 3-piece PINE

We recommend the bed insert with a special spring body and solid pine wood plates. The positive qualities that swiss pine can have on people is no secret in the Alpine region.


  • Special spring body for a flexible sinking depth of up to 70 millimeters for perfect body adaptation
  • Relief of the spine
  • The individual plates are mounted in a frame made of solid wood. The frame is glued manually without screws. The plate grate is metal-free.


The completely untreated solid wood plates made of pine wood, made from sustainable forestry, bring a piece of nature into the bedroom.

Due to the exclusive use of natural materials and the environmentally friendly production, the Relax 2000 sleeping system is particularly suitable for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


80 x 200 3 parts w 78cm xl 198cm xh 12cm weight

90 x 200 3 parts w 88cm xl 198cm xh 12cm weight

100 x 200 3 parts w 98cm xl 198cm xh 12cm weight

80 x 220 3 parts w 78cm xl 218cm xh 12cm weight

90 x 220 3 parts w 88cm xl 218cm xh 12cm weight

100 x 220 3 parts w 98cm xl 218cm xh 12cm weight

For beds 160 / 180 / 200 you need two slatted frames 80 / 90 / 100


The individual spring elements of the Relax 2000 bed system adjust to the shape of the body. Since more plates are simply occupied with massive bodies, the sleeping system offers similar comfort as for people with a lower body weight.

The spring bodies of the nine transverse zones are equipped with one or two rubber bands. Different degrees of firmness can be adjusted with the rubber bands.

The rubber bands are each equipped with two knobs, which allow up to five settings from soft to firm.

Tip: Keep the basic setting for the first 4 to 6 weeks unless we have recommended something else to you.

3 parts

We offer our Relax 2000 plate grates in three parts as standard.

This makes relocating or relocating particularly easy.

Reaching objects under the bed is made easier


Frame: beech

Plate: stone pine

Special spring body: PVC / rubber


DELIVERY TIME: 2-3 weeks

Shipping is done by a freight forwarder. Our slatted frames will be shipped free of charge until June 30th, 2022

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